The Largest Digital Collection of African Stories for Kids. #Top40

Our Mission:

The Pearl Dream delivers educational and entertainment value to families and schools worldwide through our DreamAfrica app for mobile, web and TV. Our community of authors, artists and partners help us create a future with authentic and timeless African stories for kids around the world, who get unlimited access to ebooks, audio, animations and games on and offline from the world’s largest digital collection of African stories.

How we got started: (1M+ target users)

  • February 28th 2013 – The Pearl Dream idea starts with initial focus on illustrating Folk Tales.
  • March 1st 2013 – Joined Wework Labs NYC.
  • April 9th 2013 – Incorporated The Pearl Dream Inc in Delaware, USA and set up office in NYC.
  • November 15th – Launched DreamAfrica App in BETA on GooglePlay.
  • December 1st – Launched DreamAfrica in BETA on the AppStore.
  • January 10th 2014 – Featured in HumanIPO on BETA App launch.
  • Q1 2014 – Redesigned website and app while raising funds.
  • April 24th 2014 – Launched DreamAfrica at NY TechDay.
  • June 2014 – Ghana’s Alltel Ltd Agrees to Pre-Install DreamAfrica on K-pad and K-Phone with potential to reach 1M+ users
  • July 2014 – Top 40 Africa focused start-ups to Launch at DEMO AFRICA in Lagos, NG, Sep 22nd -26th

What are your motivations?

We launched The Pearl Dream, Inc. with a vision to deliver authentic African experiences to millions of people worldwide, on and offline. Our users appreciate the unlimited access to the world’s largest digital collection of African stories for kids through our DreamAfrica app for mobile, web and TV.

In the News:

While we are in the business of story telling, we are humble enough to let others tell our story and were recently featured on VC4Africa, DEMO Africa Top 40, The Daily Nation (Kenya), Innov8tiv, TechMoran and HumanIPO.

Please contact us if you would like to share our #DreamAfrica story.

Our team is comprised of young passionate professionals of diverse backgrounds and training.

DreamAfrica F.A.Q

Where do you get your content from?

From people like you dear reader.

  • 100+ stories collected so far and growing.
  • Our stories span a rich history of 54 countries.
  • DreamAfrica captures the authentic culture of over 1 billion voices in Africa.

Relive the past, celebrate the present and create the future with timeless stories.

What can I share?

You too can contribute now:

Meet the Dream Team

Paige Wilson, WilmerHale
Legal Counsel


African Folktales on DreamAfrica: Preserving African Culture, One Story at a Time

The African Folktales and Stories that we share at The Pearl Dream relive the past, celebrate the present, and create a future of African cultural awareness. Our platform provides parents, teachers, and travelers a customized global experience of creating and engaging crowd-sourced African folktales through text, audio, video, and games.

Our African stories for children preserve the rich culture and history of Africa. These folktales have been passed down from generation to generation, giving us unique variations on these stories. The Pearl Dream is proud to create an interactive outlet to share and discover the deep roots of Mother Africa.

Whether you read our stories, play our games, or watch our videos, we’re excited to introduce you to our culture!

African Stories for Children

African stories for children began as an oral tradition of folktales. These stories would be passed down and changed over the years, resulting in unique variations on each tale. With The Pearl Dream, we hope to bring together these stories in all forms of media and introduce our children to African culture.

Sharing our cultural connections with one another has never been easier than in today’s digital age. Watch our African videos for kids, share your favorite African recipes, or create your own African folktales–our interactive community will welcome your creative additions with open arms.

African Videos for Kids!

All of our stories, games, and African videos for kids span across multiple platforms, devices, and languages, creating a global experience for children of all ages. The Pearl Dream has developed an educational and engaging outlet for these children that’s both cross-platform and globally accessible.

By creating a unique multimedia experience, children will learn about African culture through our fun and unique games, videos, and stories. Browse our folktales or submit your own at The Pearl Dream today!